In the world of fitness, one gets to see many health professions who are committed to tale care after the health of a person. Some of the health professionals which is worthy of mention is physiotherapist, exercise physiologist, and personal trainer. In case, you want to know the difference between Toronto personal trainer and physiotherapists and exercise physiologists, you will need to go through the rest of the blog.


A physiotherapist is a person who works with patients having acute pain in the muscles and bones. They can also work with people having chronic health conditions, such as chronic muscle bone or joint pain. Those who take up the role of a physiotherapist have a huge scope for practice. For instance, they can easily diagnose muscle or joint pains of patients. Some popular form of treatment is through ultrasound, rehabilitative exercise, etc.

Excersize Physiologist

Exercise Physiologist

An exercise physiologist is a person who holds an undergraduate degree in kinesiology or sport science. They are usually accredited by national organization. Their main function is to watch out the ways in which the body system gets affected by exercise; especially when there are no stressors. For example, they try to take a look into the way exercise can help a diabetic patient.

Personal Trainer

Most people are well aware of Toronto personal trainer. A personal trainer is known to work with individuals, such as athletes or fitness freaks. They basically design a fitness program as per the need of the client and also supervise that their clients are doing the workouts correctly.

toronto personal trainer

Difference between the Three

Understanding the fitness lingo is very important. This is because, the three professions, i.e. physiotherapist, exercise physiologist, and personal trainer are completely different and not the same. However, those who are in the profession of physiotherapist and exercise physiologists can get a huge scope for practice, provided they are rightly trained and qualified.

Personal Trainer

  • A Toronto personal trainer needs to have the Personal Fitness Trainer Qualification with them. They can get this certification from a six weeks training.


Exercise Physiologist

  • They need to have a 4 year University Degree and should be accredited by ESSA.
  • This professional are specialized to provide graded exercise therapy to people who has the risk to develop chronic medical condition or might be suffering from complex medical conditions.
  • According to their strengths they can specialize in certain areas.



  • They need to have 4-5 year university degree and should be accredited by APA.
  • Unlike Toronto personal trainer, a physiotherapist can be specialized in areas like neurological rehabilitation.
  • They are known for specializing in physical therapy techniques which can reduce the pain and injury of a person.

One thing which must be kept in mind about accredited exercise physiologist and physiotherapist is that they work in clinical settings. However, this is not the case for a women personal trainer Toronto. Any Toronto personal trainer can provide their services in any settings, such as fitness centre or inside the home of clients. Hopefully, the difference among exercise physiologist, physiotherapist, and personal trainer, would make it clear to you their roles.

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