Talking about chronic disease, arthritis is not that a novelty as it can’t be avoided. Injuries, ageing and the other lifestyle factors are responsible for arthritis. The damages on the joint lead to eventual humiliation of cartilage, the shock absorbing tissue which permits for friction-free motion in the joint space. The inflammation gives rise to stiffness in the area followed by a decreased range of movement and muscle spasm. When the cartilage decreases, symptoms like deformity of the joint, weakness, restricted motion, instability and pain increases.

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Statistics Canada evaluates that 37% of Canadians above 19 years have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. This disease is found in older people and youngsters too. Obesity and traumatic injury put people from all walks of life in danger. But if you consult Canna medical clinic in Canada, they will provide you with the best medical cannabis therapy for your disease.

Preventative measures like weight loss and low-impact activities help to decrease the strain on joints. Treatments usually include pain medication and anti-inflammatory. These symptomatic therapies are effective but have side effects. Dependency for opioid medication has made patients unwilling to try them and the (NSAIDS) which are Anti-inflammatory drugs give rise to risks like heartburn, ulcers and liver problems.

The Canna medical clinic in Canada has great experts who can guide you the proper cannabis education along with the various steps and strains for consuming medical cannabis. Medical cannabis offers a two-pronged approach to get rid of osteoarthritis symptoms using THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). The inflammation and the pain are directed by these two active ingredients. CBD hinders the inflammatory pathways which cause redness, stiffness and swelling while offering relief from muscle spasm. Impairment problems from cannabis use are not a factor as CBD does not cause intoxication like THC.

canna medical clinic in canada

The great option will be the mixture of the two active ingredients. Oils and dried cannabis flower are available in balanced 1 to 1 ratio of CBD and THC offering the entire aforementioned advantages. Moreover, the use of THC and CBD reduces the negative side effects of THC like the paranoia and euphoria. That required assistance with the correct dosing for their disorders should seek the guidance of a specialist from the best cannabis clinic which is the Canna medical clinic in Canada. Medical cannabis provides patients with a valuable option. Most people suffering from osteoarthritis and premenstrual syndrome don’t know that cannabis can help. To learn more about premenstrual syndrome alternative treatments, click here. These people should get an appointment at the Canna medical clinic in Canada to get the correct knowledge about medical cannabis therapy which is safe and legal.

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