Within the city of Moncton and surrounding communities, during the years 1985-1986, concerned individuals came together to consider the formation and opening of a pregnancy centre. They came from all walks of life – pastors, medical professionals, accountants, teachers, housewives, seniors – but with one passion, to see the development of an organization that would minister to the specific needs of pregnant young women. Their desire was to found a not-for-profit organization, with a faith-based foundation, to grow and develop into the future. After numerous meetings, legal consultations, fundraising efforts, and government application, the Moncton Crisis Pregnancy Centre, Inc. was granted a Letter of Patent, November 7, 1986. Its initial affiliation was with the Christian Action Council of the United States (subsequently CareNet). However, in 1990, at a gathering of Canadian CPC Directors, the idea of a ministry serving the unique needs of Canadian CPCs was envisioned and in 1997, the Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services (CAPSS) was birthed (French, Lough, Lowe, Norton, & Severloh, 2002). The Moncton Crisis Pregnancy Centre, Inc. joined with its Canadian sister organizations.

Originally scheduled to open on April 15, 1987, construction delays in the rented office space located at 860 Mountain Road moved the official opening to April 29, 1987. In 1989 a “Moms and Babes Supplies” room was opened in a room at Moncton Headstart on the corner of Mountain and Mapleton Roads. It was staffed by MCPC volunteers. Later, this ‘room’ was moved to within the Centre itself.

As the ministry grew, it became evident that another location was needed to accommodate the many clients. After investigation of several possibilities, the MCPC moved to a shared building November 1st, 1993 at 75 John Street, but this was not to be its final home. The ministry continued to grow to the point that in 1993 the Board of Directors initiated a capital campaign called “Building a Future for Life”. Its mandate was to raise $100,000 for purchase of a permanent home. In September 1996, the Moncton Crisis Pregnancy Centre moved for a third time to its current location, 27 John Street.

Today, the Moncton Crisis Pregnancy Centre, Inc., also operates under the trade name of Pregnancy Resource Centre of Moncton (PRC), a designation received on May 5, 2005 and has a full time staff of three. In addition, there is a core of numerous, devoted and dedicated volunteers, without whose help the Centre could simply not exist.